Dubbo on the seafood diet for festive lunch

FIVE tonnes of tiger prawns, 18,000 Sydney rock oysters and 12,000 Pacific oysters are set to be wrapped up and handed to customers of a business that contends patriotism is alive and well in Dubbo at Christmas.

DMC Meat and Seafood proprietor Mark Knaggs is increasingly seeing a shift from traditional fare to fair dinkum Aussie seafood on Christmas Day menus.

He is part of the movement away from silverware and eggnog, preferring to be among people enjoying prawns by the pool

But not just any prawn will do.

“We do have the imported ones but people are very patriotic come Christmas time and they want fresh Australian prawns,” Mr Knaggs said from his store in Wheelers Lane.

“The tiger is the best prawn this year by far and they’re always the most popular.” 

Residents throwing Christmas parties are testing them out.

No one is growling.

“People are just raving about how good they are,” Mr Knaggs said.

“You’ve got your bugs and crabs and all that sort of stuff, but people just love the tiger prawns.” 

DMC Meat and Seafood also fills the orders of traditionalists who choose from a wide range of meats, including turkey, goose and duck.

But Mr Knaggs is definitely not among them.

When the business closes its doors at 6pm on Christmas Eve he’ll be thinking about relaxing.

“Who wants to be in the kitchen cooking?” he said.

“Ham and salad with prawns on the side, that pretty much is what I want.” 

DMC Meat and Seafood are taking orders for Christmas and will be open on Sunday, December 23.

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