Police show solidarity against domestic violence

A DUBBO woman has spoken out on White Ribbon Day and encouraged others not to tolerate domestic violence as she did for 32 years.

Mary (not her real name) spoke with the Daily Liberal yesterday about her three decades of violence she suffered at the hands of her partner before she went to the police.

She had noticed police wearing white ribbons outside the Dubbo Police Station and decided to share her story.

"Women have to start standing up for themselves," she said.

Mary said some of the injuries she had suffered in her abusive relationship had been fractures to her nose, jaw, arm and ribs.

"Domestic violence is in the community but women are not coming forward and letting the police know," she said.

"They need to come forward now, not wait like I waited for 32 years."

Mary said she believed White Ribbon Day was a good initiative to bring public attention to the issue of domestic violence.

Recently she has begun working to help others affected.

"I have worked with domestic violence victims for the last two years," she said.

"I have seen both sides."

White ribbons were worn on the shirts of every Dubbo police officer yesterday as they took a stance against domestic violence.

Orana Local Area Command (LAC) duty officer Inspector Brad Edwards said Dubbo police had handed out many white ribbons to raise awareness of the day and answered questions about the day from members of the public.

"I think it is very important that society realises there is no excuse for violence against women," he said.

"The fact that it still happens today is pathetic."

"We know the statistics from on the job experience."

Dubbo police and their colleagues across NSW all took a pledge against violence against women and wore white ribbons in a show of solidarity across the state.

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