A click and a fail, but sales continue

WHEN Click Frenzy crashed after opening at 7pm Tuesday night because of unexpected demand, some stores involved extended the offering of huge online discounts.

Bonds were one of several retailers to offer another 24 hours for shoppers to bag an online bargain after Click Frenzy closed at 7pm on Wednesday.

As the busiest time of year approaches for retail businesses in Dubbo, the Daily Liberal asked local customers what they thought of online mega sales such as Click Fenzy.

Carolyn Masling disagreed with the use of large online sales like Click Frenzy as it would take money out of centres like Dubbo.

"It would be devastating to local businesses," she said.

"Businesses can't be viable with that sort of competition."

Ms Masling also thought there were negatives for consumers that would take part in online sales.

"They risk going online with their credit card details," she said.

"I think online shopping makes people impulse buy."

Prue Burgun felt for Dubbo businesses that might be affected by online sales with large discounts before Christmas.

"It is hard enough for them already considering the current economic climate," she said.

"Most people will end up buying online as people have to buy so many presents over Christmas and they want the best deal."

Coonamble resident Tammy Nugent would choose to shop through online sales in the comfort of her own home than travel to Dubbo.

"It is not good for local businesses but it is good for consumers," she said.

"Businesses just have to start getting competitive."

James Davis believed large online sales were a savvy business move by retailers.

"It is a good idea for consumers and will bring businesses in more profit," he said.

Chad Bliss said that online sales were the future for shopping but agreed it would hurt businesses in Dubbo.

"I think if you are going to buy online it will slow things here down a bit," he said.

Daniel Cant agreed that while Click Frenzy was not good for local business it was "good for the hip pocket".

"We aren't real big online shoppers but we do it a bit," he said of his family's shopping habits.

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