Men lead bid to end violence

DOMESTIC violence must be stamped out in the community according to local Aboriginal family health worker Jimmy Forrest.

The Dubbo Neighbourhood Centre worker is one of a growing band of male advocates who agree there is no valid reason for men to hit women.

Mr Forrest's comments come as almost 60 people attended a breakfast yesterday at the Dubbo Local Court to kick-start the White Ribbon Campaign against domestic violence.

"I'm working with a client now who was seriously violent towards his wife to end up in jail," he said.

"She has bruises and now he has regretted the act and changed his way of dealing with her."

Mr Forrest said violence against women was not just physical abuse but emotional and verbal.

Drugs and alcohol-fuelled violence as well as financial problems impaired the judgment of men which left them not thinking clearly.

"It could be there is only one stream of income, the dole, and he goes and spends it on grog and arguments start at home as a result which leads to violence," he said.

"Violence against women is not on. We need to get it out of the community."

The breakfast was a joint venture between Dubbo Aboriginal Community Justice Group and the Dubbo Neighbourhood Centre.

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