Sponsors get Ear Bus rolling

THE company that enables scores of Dubbo children to hear with clarity in the classroom has lent its support to a push for a missing health service.

FrontRow became the major sponsor of the Hear Our Heart Ear Bus Project when it donated $8000.

The announcement was made at a recent charity ball organised by the Hear Our Heart committee to help it reach its target of $360,000.

FrontRow NSW business manager Allyson Young attended the event to announce the donation and while in Dubbo challenged others in the corporate world to follow suit.

A number of Dubbo schools, preschools and childcare centres have invested in FrontRow's Active Learning Systems to improve comprehension, enhance learning outcomes, relieve teacher's vocal cords and help maintain classroom control.

The system of sound fields uses a microphone and strategically-placed speakers in the classroom.

They make a particular difference to children suffering otitis media, the common problem in Dubbo and the western area that prompted the ear bus campaign.

"FrontRow has a strong commitment to improving the listening environment for all students and are very passionate about the creation of the ear bus," Ms Young said.

"FrontRow is very proud to donate $8000 as its major sponsor."

Committee member Rowena Galway said the donation made a huge difference because for much of the year they had "done it on their own", organising a number of fundraisers.

"The Good Guys came on board in July and now we have FrontRow," she said.

"Having a major sponsor is a big weight off our shoulders."

Ms Galway said the community was demanding the ear bus - a mobile ear health clinic - and reported one school principal had already called to see if it could visit all of his 44 students.

While sound fields help children to hear, the ear bus would lead to detection and treatment of otitis media.

At the ball, Ms Young paid tribute to the passionate work of the committee in its first 12 months.

Ms Galway said the ball had been a "fantastic night" that had raised both awareness of otitis media and money for the project.

Ear, nose and throat specialist Dr Ridha had given an insightful speech and the Great Western Big Band was a real crowd pleaser, she said.

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